EmojiOne 4.5 Available Now

EmojiOne has updated several hundred emoji designs, now available in Version 4.5.

EmojiOne is excited to announce the launch of our Version 4.5 signature emoji update! Several hundred designs have been upgraded, with most of the focus surrounding Unicode 11, Travel & Places, and Objects. That focus includes even more of the detailed refinements and gradients that are the hallmarks of our 4.0 set.

A Before & After look at some of the 4.5 emoji updates:

A before and after look at Object emoji updates

User Feedback

Many of these new designs are the result of feedback we’ve received directly from our loyal fans and followers (such as the Small Airplane), while still others are the result of a more social shift (such as the Bagel emoji, now with cream cheese.)

A Before & After look at some of the Food emoji updates:

A before and after look at Food emoji updates

Travel & Objects

Special emphasis has been placed on updating both the Travel and Object emoji.Buildings and vehicles have been modernized and altogether given a more sophisticated look. Some of the enhancements are understated, like the addition of stained glass windows to our Church and distant rock formations to our Desert, while others, like the Small Airplane and Oncoming Police Car, have taken on a completely new look.

A Before & After look at some of the Travel emoji updates:

A before and after look at Travel emoji updates

A Before & After look at some of our Object emoji updates:

A before and after look at Object emoji updates

Subtle Updates Across Categories

Additionally, a handful of Smileys, Symbols, and Flags have been updated, as well. Many of these improvements are quite subtle, but they reflect our continued commitment to detail. There is a noticeable shift from a cartoon-like style to one that is refined and polished.

Smileys, Symbols, People, & Flag Updates:

Smiley, People, Symbol, and Flag emoji updates

Additional Travel Updates:

Travel emoji updates

Additional Object Updates:

Object emoji updates

EmojiOne 4.5 Now Available!

EmojiOne 4.5 released January 23, 2019 and is now available for immediate licensing. All licensees who purchased a Version 4.0 license will receive this update at no cost. Those who are first-time license purchasers will want to visit our licensing page for more information on which license is right for you. No matter what your project size, from personal to enterprise, we’re excited to work with you and share EmojiOne 4.5 with the world.

Sarah Neufeld

Sarah Neufeld

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