EmojiOne 4.0 iOS App Released

The EmojiOne 4.0 iOS app features all 4.0 emoji, as well as new stickers and animations.

EmojiOne has just released a major content update to its free iOS application. The complete emoji set and sticker library have been updated, with hundreds of new and refreshed designs, including several new sticker packs and for the very first time, animated emoji! Best of all, even after these significant upgrades the app remains 100% free on iTunes!

Emoji Updated to Version 4.0

Every emoji icon has been updated to Version 4.0 design standards and all new Unicode 11.0 emoji have been added to the app, making the app fully Unicode compliant. This update includes the much-anticipated hair color options that were introduced in Unicode 11.0, as well as six new smileys and a multitude of food, animal, and science emoji.

Before (left) and after (right) of the app's emoji page

New Animations

Perhaps the most exciting new addition to EmojiOne's iOS app is the inclusion of our all new animated emoji! Forty gifs are included, featuring several of our most popular smileys, in addition to hand gestures, people, and other favorites. These animations can be easily inserted into iMessage conversations and drag-and-dropped directly onto text bubbles.

New Animations now included

New Sticker Packs

Three brand new sticker packs are included in the EmojiOne App, Sweet n Sassy, Spring Fling, and Summer Fun. These new packs join the 17 other packs with 40 original designs each, bringing the total number of stickers included up to a whopping 800!

Before (left) and after (right) of the sticker homepage.

Updated Sticker Packs

The majority of the sticker packs included in our previous release have all seen a complete design refresh. The characters appearing in nearly every pack have been retooled to reflect the emoji design stylings of 4.0. This includes Mermaid, Avocado, Poo, and Unicorn, along with all emoji characters featured in the theme packs.

Before (left) and after (right) of our Mermaid sticker pack.

Now Available

EmojiOne is excited to put our complete emoji and sticker library in the hands of our users and is thrilled to offer consumers the chance to experience EmojiOne for free. Download or upgrade on iOS today.

Sarah Neufeld

Sarah Neufeld

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