New EmojiOne Licensing Terms & Pricing

EmojiOne has simplified licensing terms, adjust prices, and now offers a free pesonal license.

With several major releases due out in 2019, including a new Signature Emoji set and an Animation set, EmojiOne is fine-tuning its license structure to better reflect the licensing needs of our partners. We’ve emphasized simplicity in these changes, making it easier than ever for clients to select and purchase the license that is right for them.

Clear & Simple Licensing Terms

The licensing terms as a whole have been completely updated. We’ve pored back over years of customer service interactions to determine how to address the most commonly asked questions in license selection. We discovered there were too many gray areas regarding what could and couldn't be done with each license type, and too much confusion over what type of license a company might need. The result is a streamlined process that emphasizes simplicity and clarity above all else.

A New Pricing Model

We tinker with Premium License pricing every so often, however, today we’ve made sweeping adjustments to our entire product line!

First… our premium license is now compatible with orgs up to 249 employees(previously 99 employees). This brand new tier (100-249 employees) takes over the label of Large Company.

Second… all business use tiers have been re-classified to accommodate the new tier above. Organizations with 1-5 employees are now labeled as Micro(formerly Small). Orgs with 6-30 employees are now considered Small(formerly Medium) and so on.

Third… pricing has been reduced by about 30% for most product scenarios for EmojiOne 4.5 and Emoji Animations. On the other hand, Sticker Packs have been raised slightly. We wanted to make our content generally affordable to everyone. If it results in positive sales, these new prices will become the new norm.

Not shown above… pricing for Non-Profits has also been refreshed and is now based on organization size.

Free For Personal Use Only

Changes have also been made to our Free Signature Set license. Going forward, the Free license will only be available for personal and educational use (though businesses may use the files in a dev environment). As always, the included files are low-resolution pngs, so businesses will find the flexibility of our Premium and Enterprise licenses best suited to their projects.

A Clear Framework for Success

Big things are in store for EmojiOne in 2019 and these licensing adjustments are laying the groundwork for the exciting expansions on the horizon. Those with licensing questions are invited to reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our newly redesigned FAQ page. We’re committed to providing the best experience possible for our licensees and look forward to moving towards greater efficiency and success with all of our partners.

Sarah Neufeld

Sarah Neufeld

Sarah Neufeld heads up the blog, social media, and marketing for JoyPixels.
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