Emoji Licensing for Physical Goods

Popular merchandise brands choose JoyPixels emoji for their products.

Over the last decade, well-known brands like Kellogg's and Yankee Candle have added a touch of the digital to their physical products with JoyPixels emoji. From plates to greeting cards, the integration of emoji into everyday items reflects an awareness of the increasing role these symbols play in our daily language. JoyPixels emoji serve as a strategic method for brands to connect with consumers in new, playful ways.

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle, synonymous with creating ambiance through captivating scents, now offers a layer of personalization to your favorite candles with the introduction of JoyPixels emoji. Through an innovative online platform, customers can customize their candles with a touch of digital charm.

Yankee Candle licenses JoyPixels emoji for their candle customization

Beef Bar

BeefBar, renowned for its culinary excellence, adds a dash of flair to its dining experience by incorporating JoyPixels emoji designs onto its exquisite Bernardaud china. This creative collab brings a playful and modern touch to the dining ambiance, where each plate becomes a canvas. Beyond the dining experience, patrons can extend the joy into their homes as the Bernardaud china adorned with JoyPixels designs is available for purchase.

Beef Bar licenses JoyPixels emoji for their china


Danilo, known for their exceptional range of cards, calendars, stationery, and wrapping paper, has embraced emoji by incorporating JoyPixels designs into their collection. This imaginative collaboration introduces a playful and expressive element to Danilo's already impressive lineup of products.

Danilo licenses JoyPixels emoji for their greeting cards, gift bags, and more.


Sphero, creator of accessible tools that foster exploration, imagination, and perseverance in STEAM and computer science, licensed JoyPixels emoji for use within their robots. This innovative partnership introduces a new dimension to Sphero's educational and interactive products, as JoyPixels emoji appear on the screens of their robots. By integrating these expressive symbols, Sphero not only enhances the visual appeal of their devices but also brings an element of relatability and emotion to the learning experience.

Sphere licenses JoyPixels emoji for their robots


Quest, the creator behind the FaceFacts brand, incorporated JoyPixels emoji designs into their line of lip balms and face masks. This partnership injects a playful and expressive element into the realm of skincare, where each product becomes a creative canvas.

Quest licenses JoyPixels emoji for their lip balms and face masks

Planet Art

Planet Art has seamlessly integrated JoyPixel emoji into their online creative apps. Recognized for their innovative platforms that allow individuals to craft photo books, prints, and other customizable items, Planet Art now offers an additional layer of creativity with the incorporation of JoyPixel emoji designs.

Planet Art licenses JoyPixels emoji for use on their consumer design platforms

Drunk in Love

Drunk in Love, a thoughtfully-developed drinking game tailored for couples, incorporated JoyPixels emoji into the playing cards, serving as clever graphic embellishments. The addition of these expressive symbols creates a playful atmosphere for couples seeking a lighthearted evening of entertainment.

Drunk in Love licenses JoyPixels emoji for their game cards


Kellogg's has added to the appeal of their iconic strawberry Pop-Tarts through an exclusive in-store promotion featuring JoyPixels designs. This collaboration introduces a deliciously playful and visually engaging element to the beloved breakfast treat. The inclusion of JoyPixels emoji not only enhances the product's aesthetic but also underscores Kellogg's commitment to staying on trend with consumer preferences.

Kellogg's licenses JoyPixels emoji for their Pop-Tarts

How to License Emoji for Products

The JoyPixels team is prepared to guide you to the right emoji license and options for your project. An Enterprise license will include the very latest in JoyPixels emoji for use in goods of all types. Creative agencies will find our contracts can be specifically tailored to their unique needs, including indemnification and custom terms.

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time for enterprise license finalization. The majority of licenses go from inquiry to signing within a week. Fill out this form today for a custom quote for your enterprise project.

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