From HBO to Netflix: Licensing Emoji for TV

TV production companies choose JoyPixels emoji for their hit shows.

Over the last decade, a familiar presence has emerged on our home screens: emoji. JoyPixels emoji have captivated the likes of HBO, Netflix, Comedy Central, and many other iconic media brands – culminating in the licensing of JoyPixels' signature emoji set for their hit shows. These universally understood symbols have become a dynamic tool for creators, offering a unique way to convey emotions, humor, and cultural nuances in their shows and movies.


"I May Destroy You," the acclaimed HBO series, creatively harnessed JoyPixels emoji in its debut season. These expressive icons played a dual role, adding depth to text conversations on screen and serving as charming decor, enhancing the storytelling in an innovative way.

HBO licensed JoyPixels emoji for "I May Destroy You"


In the Spanish Netflix series "Monarca," JoyPixels emoji were cleverly used to convey text messages between characters, bringing authenticity and relatability to their digital interactions. Their choice enriched the storytelling and engaged the audience in a more relatable way.

Netflix licensed JoyPixels emoji for "Monarca"

Comedy Central

Comedy Central's hit animated series "South Park," creatively incorporated JoyPixels emoji into one of its memorable episodes titled "Fort Collins." In this episode, the show introduces a character named Heidi, whose talent lies in conducting "emoji analysis." She skillfully compares the emoji usage patterns of students and teachers to those of a notorious online troll, who happens to be none other than Kyle's father. This clever incorporation of JoyPixels emoji adds depth and humor to the narrative.

Comedy Central licensed JoyPixels emoji for "South Park"


The popular TLC show "90 Day Fiancé" uses JoyPixels emojis to enhance on-screen text messages and depict couples' emotions, offering viewers a more engaging and insightful viewing experience.

TLC licensed JoyPixels emoji for "90 Day Fiancé"

Impractical Jokers

NorthSouth Productions acquired licensing rights for JoyPixels emoji, strategically weaving them into the fabric of their immensely popular TV series, "Impractical Jokers." The usage of emoji amplified both the humor and the audience's connection with the hilarious world of the jokers.

NorthSouth Productions licensed JoyPixels emoji for "Impractical Jokers"

Celebrity Name Game

In the interactive TV game show "Celebrity Name Game Australia," JoyPixels emoji add a playful twist as couples and celebrities team up to guess popular movie titles, cultural references, fictional characters, and TV/film titles using emoji.

Celebrity Name Game Australia licenses JoyPixels emoji for their tv game show

How to License Emoji for Film and Television

The JoyPixels team is prepared to guide you to the right emoji license and options for your project. An Enterprise license will include the very latest in JoyPixels emoji for use in film and television. Creative agencies will find our contracts can be specifically tailored to their unique needs, including indemnification and custom terms.

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