How Ad Agencies Use JoyPixels Emoji

Advertising agencies from around the world consistently choose JoyPixels emoji for commercial campaigns.

Advertisers looking to obtain the highest quality emoji for their commercials turn time and time again to JoyPixels. Unmatched attention to detail, tailored agreements, and the fastest licensing times make us the premier digital partner for bespoke emoji deals. Come find out why global brands like McDonalds, Virgin Atlantic, and Kellogg's choose JoyPixels emoji for their advertising.


Ad Agency: DDB
In 2016, McDonalds UK licensed JoyPixels emoji for use in a World Emoji Day Twitter campaign. As one of the top 5 most valuable brands in the world, McDonalds could have chosen to go in many directions with this design (even opting to create the emoji themselves). Instead, they chose to license JoyPixels emoji. Their choice speaks to the fact that not only are JoyPixels designs worthy of a top 5 brand, but that the JoyPixels team makes the licensing process effortless.

McDonalds' World Emoji Day Twitter campaign


Ad Agency: Direct in-house
T-Mobile puts JoyPixels emoji to use in this playful commercial featuring the text exchange of two people discussing the many benefits of T-Mobile. T-Mobile is well aware that emoji increase campaign effectiveness and appeals to the much sought after Millenial and Gen Z cohorts with this creative campaign.

T-Mobile's emoji text commercial campaign

Aviation Gin & Mint Mobile

Ad Agency: Direct in-house
Aviation Gin, Mint Mobile, and Ryan Reynolds?! Sign us up! The humorous ad warns against the dangers of drinking Aviation Gin and texting on Mint Mobile, demonstrated with spicy, emoji-filled text bubbles peppered with eggplants 🍆 and peaches 🍑.

Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile used JoyPixels emoji for their campaign starring Ryan Reynolds.

Tums US

Ad Agency: Townhouse
TUMS launched a nationwide campaign called #TUMSworthy encouraging users to tag their TUMS worthy pics of delicious food that you can only enjoy without heartburn with TUMS.

Tums licensed JoyPixels emoji for their 'TUMSworthy Heartburn Commercial.'

2 Degrees Mobile

Ad Agency: Formerly TBWA, now direct in-house
2 Degrees Mobile licensed JoyPixels emoji for their "emoji-tastic" national campaign. Several of the most popular smiley face emoji are featured front and center in this successful ad.

2Degrees Mobile's Emoji-tastic ad


Ad Agency: Formerly Venture3, now direct in-house
SkyMobile encourages viewers to break up with their mobile provider and make the switch to their network through the use of breakup texts that feature JoyPixels emoji. While we would hate to be on the receiving end of a breakup text like this, you have to admit the adorable emoji do soften the blow!

SkyMobile licensed JoyPixels emoji for their 'Switch' campaign.

Virgin Atlantic

Ad Agency: We Are Social
Virgin Atlantic launched their #SeeHerFly campaign and directly presented the question of why male career emoji (including the Man Pilot 👨‍✈️) are more popular than female career emoji (such as the Woman Pilot 👩‍✈️). In this joint ad with Mattel's Barbie, viewers are invited to trend their hashtag in support of girls following career paths in the gender-stereotyped fields of STEM and aviation.

Virgin Atlantic licensed JoyPixels emoji for their collaboration with Mattel's Barbie.

Ad Agency: Shanghai Yi Yu Yi She's ad is entirely in Chinese, but the universal language of emoji communicates their message loud and clear: take your woman on vacation (with if you want to make her happy! The Broken Heart 💔, Man Shrugging 🤷‍♂️, and Couple Kissing 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 emoji tell us all we need to know. licensed JoyPixels emoji for their 'Emoji - Couple' campaign.

Taco John's

Ad Agency: Barkley
"But first we taco!" Leave it to beloved taco chain Taco's John's to put their JoyPixels licensed emoji to such creative use. The designs are prominent throughout the ad, which demonstrates the hilarious emoji texting differences between generations.

Taco John's 'Emoji' ad


Ad Agency: Direct in-house
How does a brand run an ad with zero dialogue or on-screen words and still manage to communicate effectively? Answer: emoji. Kellogg's licensed JoyPixels emoji for their 'Cheez-It Snap'd Search' campaign, a national scavenger hunt that was promoted heavily on their social media channels.

Kellogg's' 'Cheez-It Snap'd Search' ad

IKEA Japan

Ad Agency: Weiden & Kennedy
In this ad for IKEA Japan, we see the use of JoyPixels emoji in on-screen text bubbles and as reactions. The use is subtle but effective, and communicates the social media angle the ad is aiming for.

IKEA Japan ad with Imma

Just Eat

Ad Agency: Karmarama
In the ad for food delivery application Just Eat, JoyPixels emoji are scene on screen alongside real reviews for local websites. Strip Health Cafe receives both the Face Savoring Food 😋 and OK Hand 👌 in their on-screen review.

Just Eat used JoyPixels emoji for their 'Real Reviews' campaign.

Visible Wireless

Ad Agency: Direct in-house
Visible by Verizon licensed JoyPixels emoji for their spring 2023 campaign. The Man 👨 emoji, along with the Dog Face 🐶, Index Pointing at Viewer 🫵, and others. The ad is straightforward and easy to understand, thanks in large part to the emoji visual aids.

Visible by Verizon 2023 commercial


Ad Agency: Direct in-house
In this humorous collaboration for ForHims ED supplements, we see the legendary Snoop Dogg side by side with JoyPixels emoji. The combination of Snoop and emoji add a playful take on an otherwise serious medical topic. It's a true testament to the power of creative partnerships.

ForHims 'Make it Optional' ad

How to License Emoji for Advertising

The JoyPixels team is prepared to guide you to the right emoji license and options for your project. An Enterprise license will include the very latest in JoyPixels emoji for use in advertising and marketing. Creative agencies will find our contracts can be specifically tailored to their unique needs, including indemnification and custom terms.

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