Grammarly Licenses JoyPixels

JoyPixels is pleased to confirm the continuation of our licensing partnership with Grammarly.

JoyPixels is pleased to confirm the continuation of our licensing partnership with Grammarly. Grammarly and JoyPixels first teamed up in early 2019, with Grammarly licensing JoyPixels icons for use in their advertising campaigns as well as within their software, featuring especially prominently in their revolutionary Tone Detector tool.

Grammarly's tone detector uses AI "to identify signals in a piece of writing that contribute to its overall tone." Grammarly understands that's there's more to writing than simple punctuation and spelling. Effective communication also relies on nuance and tone, and sometimes words fall short. Emoji fill the gap where words no longer suffice. Grammarly uses JoyPixels expressive icons to illustrate the multi-dimensional tone of a user's writing.

Grammarly applications are available on devices of all types. In addition to their website, Grammarly editing services are available for download as a Safari extension, and on Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, as well as Microsoft Word, putting JoyPixels icons into the hands of millions of users worldwide.

Grammarly is available in a multitude of platforms.

About Grammarly

Grammarly is a cross-platform writing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement and delivery mistakes, as well as tone and plagiarism detection. Grammarly has over 10 million downloads on the Chrome web store and over 7 million daily active users.

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About JoyPixels

JoyPixels is a leading full-service provider of free and premium emoji icons, and one of the few Unicode-compliant emoji libraries. What began in 2014 as an open source passion project has evolved into a worldwide service providing freemium emoji for personal use and bespoke enterprise licenses to top brands worldwide.

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