EmojiOne 4.0 to Include Both Water Gun & Pistol Emoji

EmojiOne 4.0 will include both a realistic gun emoji and a water gun emoji.

Two months ago EmojiOne unveiled its plans to move to a water gun design in lieu of an actual pistol emoji and the response from our fans was swift and vocal. EmojiOne has always prided itself upon being a brand of the people so the public outcry sent us straight back to the drawing board. But we were left with a conundrum: how could we keep our emoji consistent with what other vendors are offering (a water gun) while still listening to the needs of our fans and followers?

There was only one way to proceed. Offer both.


That’s right! When EmojiOne Version 4.0 launches on August 21, 2018, licensees will gain access to both an all-new water gun AND a classic pistol emoji. We recognize that both designs have a place in the emoji world and it is up to our developers, designers, and partners - not us - to determine which emoji is appropriate for their own projects.

The new primary icon for PISTOL emoji

The classic real-life pistol design will be the default shown within our downloads and apps. The pistol as a weapon was the original intention of the emoji and it will endure as the default for Version 4.0. Our pistol emoji has now also received a complete redesign in Version 4.0, bringing it up to our current design standards and keeping it consistent with the Version 4.0 stylings. When downloading our signature set, the black pistol will automatically be included, and the water gun version will be available in a separate folder.

The new secondary icon, also available for licensees

Licensees who prefer a water gun design will have access to an alternative download where they will find the completely new emoji. EmojiOne reports internal murmurs that could indicate the water gun as the first in a line of alternative “kid-friendly” emoji options, but that will be a consideration for future updates.

Breaking New Emoji Ground

User satisfaction will always remain EmojiOne’s top priority and we’re excited to allow the feedback we received from YOU to shape the direction of our designs, especially in this unprecedented move of dual emoji. Preorders are being accepted now for EmojiOne Version 4.0, and whether you prefer the traditional pistol or the contemporary water gun, our inclusive signature set is here to meet all of your emoji needs.

Sarah Neufeld

Sarah Neufeld

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