Introducing Emoji Patterns by JoyPixels

Emoji Patterns by JoyPixels is here, with 100 patterns in 400 incredible designs!

The JoyPixels team has been hard at work over the last six months, developing a completely new product for the world of emoji licensing. Introducing Emoji Patterns by JoyPixels. We've taken all of our best-loved emoji and created 100 new patterns, each presented in four styles, in an array of background colors that contrast and compliment. These seamless vectors were designed for ease of use and are now available for custom licensing.  

Emoji Patterns by JoyPixels

100 Patterns Included

Emoji Patterns by JoyPixels includes 100 patterned designs. We've selected the most popular emoji from across all our categories - smileys, food, animals, transportation, objects, and more. Many of the emoji are featured individually, while others were combined into themed groupings:

Emoji Patterns by JoyPixels

Four Variants Per Pattern

Every single pattern comes in four variants, for a total of 400 unique pattern styles:

  • Brick-spaced
  • Random Dense
  • Random Default
  • Brick-spaced Default

Create coordinating projects with ease, selecting the variants that work best for your unique vision.

Each patterns includes four variants

File Types

Every variant in every pattern is offered as a high-resolution PNG, as well as an AI file. The files are completely seamless and tileable. For projects large and small, digital or tangible, Emoji Patterns by JoyPixels was created with designer-friendliness in mind.

Sample merchandise created with Emoji Patterns by JoyPixels

Emoji Patterns Now Available

Emoji Patterns by JoyPixels is now available for licensing. We're happy to help you find the best license for your campaign so reach out to us today for a custom quote, and bring a little joy to your next pattern project!

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Sarah Neufeld

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